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What I Know For Sure

You are allowed to grow and shift and change. It doesn't matter if it upsets others or makes them uncomfortable. You have to live with yourself. You are the one listening to your own thoughts 24/7. YOU need to be happy with you. Running away is never the answer, but finding the courage to grow forward is.

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10 Lessons From Becoming A Work-At-Home Entrepreneur & Mom

Raising a business and babies isn't for the faint of heart. In those first days after leaving my secure, high paid job, I naively thought I would suddenly have all the time in the world to cook healthy meals for my children, keep the house sparkling, and build a business. I was no longer chained to a desk when someone told me to be there. There was no commuting or stepping out for super early East Coast conference calls. Days could almost be leisurely because all the time in the world was now mine.

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