Coffee & Bubbly Episode 5: Peyton Renée - Her Story

If you haven't tuned in before, I have a YouTube series called Coffee & Bubbly (available here on EMM and here on YouTube). It's where I awkwardly hide from my children in my bathtub and chat with you. Sometimes it's a lesson. Sometimes it's a motivation. Sometimes it's a story. 

Sometimes, like today, it's a special, soul-baring story of my own.

Miss Peyton Renée was a divine gift we didn't realize God had foretold 11 years ago for a very difficult time in our lives. The story is beyond the five or ten minutes I like to stick to, but for good reason. I asked for guidance and assistance in telling this story. I trust that every aspect of it is meant to be shared.

So grab your coffee, tea, lemon water, or other yummy beverage and take a look at one of the biggest testimonies of my life to date. It's worth it.

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