It Doesn't Have to Take a Decade

On Thursday, Matt and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. On one hand, I'm not sure how we got here so quickly. On the other, it seems like so much longer - because kids. Ha! Really, though, like any other decade of life, it's astounding to see the change and growth that has taken place.

As the day comes closer, I've found myself looking through old photos. What I see today is immense beauty and love. I was gorgeous. Matt was glowing. The day, despite a few snafus, was perfection. (By the way, parentals. Here's a belated "I'm sorry" for forgetting to reserve a table for you at the reception. Oops. Nothing says "I love you" and "thanks for all your wedding day contributions" like seats in the nosebleeds.)

The day was beautiful. Yet as soon as it was over, I picked myself and the day apart. My makeup wasn't right. I wasn't thin enough. I should have gone with a floor-length veil. The flowers weren't what I thought I ordered. We'd settled on the men's vests and ties. 

The list. went. on.

If only 21-year-old me had realized she was perfect in every way. That she was exactly who and where she was meant to be at that point in time. If only she realized she was worthy of seeing and accepting all the good instead of beating herself up for perceived flaws. She picked herself apart because she felt it would hurt less if she saw and did it before anyone else did.  

Young me was pretty darned hard on myself.

So a decade later, after an incredible career, a business of my own, three babies, and tons of self-development: now I look and only see the beauty. Because that's the choice. We can choose to see through a lens of positivity or negativity, self-worth or self-loathing, judgment or acceptance. 

How do you speak to yourselves, mamas? Is it love and acceptance? Or is it self-deprecation? Whatever the answer, it's okay. Who and where you are is perfect. Life has brought you to this point through all your experiences and beliefs. But self-deprecating mamas (sometimes I'm still with you), what if it could be different? What if you could choose to see yourself differently? What if you could begin accepting that simply by existing, you are worthy of anything and everything good?

You are beautiful, supported, and loved. You are not alone. 

You are perfect.

Even standing in your perfection, if you look around and don't like where you are, know that it can be different.

If you already know you want something different, check out my free Empowered Mom Basics video series. It's four videos pulled from my archives to get you thinking in a different direction. You don't need to lose weight, make more money, or be surrounded by different people to begin seeing yourself in a better light. Truth be told, when you start believing your worth and feeling better about yourself, things around you just might start shifting for the better. Life just might begin reflecting that goodness back to you. 

Life is waiting for you to decide love, joy, and self-acceptance are a truth worth living.

It doesn't have to take a decade (or longer) to get there. You can choose now.

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