EMM Office Transformation Reveal

EMM Office_Empowering Modern Mom_Rebecca Mogg

Last week I showed how out of sorts my office was (without showing pictures of the worst part - the filing cabinet). The time has come for the big reveal!

First, I apologize for all the weird lighting and quality issues. I kept waiting for the perfect quiet moment to pull out my SLR and get the job done. Instead I ended up with all my iPhone photos that were taken at various times and in various light. Maybe one day I’ll do another post with far better pictures. That could be a good idea as this space evolves…

For now we have these and I’m too excited to care much. Let’s get to it!

Chrissy (Create Your Space Colorado) had a small budget for this space and I was nervous. What could she do with so little? What will I have to sacrifice? As it turns out, she did a lot. Chrissy was able to use most of my own organizational items. She supplemented and replaced some things for brand cohesiveness. In the end, I was blown away. This office is a dream!

Curtains  //  Pink Desk Chair  //  Wall Stencil  // Photo on glass board by  Avenue B Photography

First, the white chairs are not staying. I am still searching for the perfect replacement. In the meantime, I am grateful to have these old dining room chairs as stand-ins while I wait for the perfect ones to find us! In addition to different chairs, I also intend to replace the bulky black printer with a white one when the time comes. The current one feels way too heavy. Aesthetics in a work space are important to me.

This view from the door does not look that much different. It is cleaner and more organized, though. We framed the quotes on the wall above the file cabinet. It looks so much cleaner! They also go well with the black and white framed photos of Matt and me.

EMM Office_Quotes_Empowering Modern Mom_Rebecca Mogg

The ottoman (partially shown in the first photo, above) is a three-year-old Target clearance find. It was $5.00. I could not pass it up! It is on the short list of things to do. It has some re-upholstering in its future! It is the perfect place to set my bag when I walk into the office. Personally, I prefer setting my bags down instead of hanging them up. Hanging them up can destroy the handles. No thank you!

When designing and organizing this space, Chrissy was intentional about where things went. In our consultation she asked a lot of questions to get to know me, EMM, and what my work days entail. What was important to me? What do I want kept close? I told her three of the most important things are:

1). The things I use daily need to be kept close and organized.

2.) When I work my space needs to be relatively clean.

3.) I need to be able to clear my desk off completely every single day when I’m done working. Leaving and coming in to a clear space are crucial for my headspace. That being said, I didn’t want to dig for all the daily things. That’s how I originally ended up with a huge stack of papers, notebooks, and planners on the edge of my desk 24/7. All that being said, now that everything is organized, my kids tend to leave random things on my desk. That’s how I know they came in to twirl in the office chair.

Chrissy met this challenge beautifully. She repurposed two of my black and white magazine/file holders (Target, circa 2015 I think?) to meet my needs. One of the file holders is filled with white printer paper. The other holds the folders, notebooks, etc. that I use throughout each day. She completed the task with a little label action. We had matching labelers. It was meant to be. Ha!

Magazine Holders: old, similar  here  // File cabinet: Ikea, old

Magazine Holders: old, similar here // File cabinet: Ikea, old

The locking file cabinet is an old Ikea find. We were able to consolidate all files to the top drawer. Chrissy saved money by using my existing manila file folders. Sometime in the next month or two I intend to replace them with hot pink ones. Why? To match the brand and, more importantly, because that pop of color will make me incredibly happy every time I open this drawer. We discussed buying the pink folders for this initial organization, but it became an easy way to save with the small budget.

The bottom drawer (not pictured) is now strategic storage. I say strategic because we were very careful to only put a few bigger things in there to keep it from morphing into a junk drawer. It holds my tripod, ring light case, and little space heater. It’s Colorado. I’m always cold. When I close my door and turn on the space heater…oh my. Heaven. Matt sometimes opens the door and exclaims over the massive temperature difference. Sorry, dude. I love you, but this space heater is all mine. Keep freezing. (I kid. Kind of.)

Gray hanging file folders:  similar here

Gray hanging file folders: similar here

We cleaned up things on the opposite side of my desk. We emptied the glass boards. I haven’t quite decided what to do with those yet. They are one of my favorite Ikea finds. For now, they hold a photo, a quote, and a photocopy of a handwritten poem my grandmother wrote my grandpa in 1978. Matt and I used it as somewhat of a theme for our wedding in 2008 because he also used it when he proposed. She passed away in 2000. So it was a wonderful way to feel her presence in the ceremony as well. Having a copy of the original close keeps love and positivity flowing through this space.

The monthly wall calendar is strategically placed so I can quickly glance at it from my desk. I don’t like pulling out a planner or my electronic calendar every single time I need to reference a date. This one was a Target find back in July. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can find something as aesthetically pleasing next year!

My paper shredder is under the glass table. It feels perfectly! I keep the shredder unplugged and locked. It’s a pain when I want to shred something quickly, but keeping my littles safe is far more important than convenience. If you have a paper shredder in your house, do everything you can to childproof it.

The glass side table is also where I put a diffuser. I almost always work with oils diffusing. Sometimes they are stress-reducing oils. Other times they are seasonal. Sometimes it is whatever smells good. I switch it up depending on my work day.

There’s usually an outlet cover in that one uncovered outlet. I quickly removed my diffuser before snapping this photo and then put it back.   Chrome & Glass Side Table  // letter holder, old,  similar here  //  Orchid , similar //  Glass boards  //  Calendar

There’s usually an outlet cover in that one uncovered outlet. I quickly removed my diffuser before snapping this photo and then put it back.

Chrome & Glass Side Table // letter holder, old, similar here // Orchid, similar // Glass boards // Calendar

Now for the shelves. This was the bulk of the work. In our first session, Chrissy and I went through everything on those shelves. There was a lot to throw away and donate. She also needed to know exactly what needed to be organized. Having 10 shelves was wonderful. Each shelf became a zone. The top two shelves are decorative.

Another shelf is the awards/certificates/dream book/look-up-and-remember-you’re-a-badass-when-you-want-to-curl-up-under-your-desk-and-cry-or-throw-something-at-the-wall shelf. My big ol’ face is actually the cover of my dream book. I had it printed a few years ago when Shutterfly offered a free photo book. We found it buried on a bottom shelf. It was amazing to look through it and see what has already come to fruition!

The EMM shelf holds my promotional items. Vistaprint does a monthly subscription box where they design and print different items for you. It’s fun to receive and perfect for finding what I want to invest in for future meetings, events, swag bags, etc. (I’m not paid to say that. I really enjoy receiving it on my doorstep that much! I used to do the FabFitFun box. Entrepreneurial nerd has me loving this so much more. Ha!)

Miss Peyton crawled into the shot. I wish you could see the feet of her jammies. They were Jake’s first and I’ve made all my kids wear them. The moose antlers on the feet are the best! Moostletoes!

Miss Peyton crawled into the shot. I wish you could see the feet of her jammies. They were Jake’s first and I’ve made all my kids wear them. The moose antlers on the feet are the best! Moostletoes!

The shelf pictured below is a supply shelf. Pens were a major thing we went through. I had a box full of old pens that I never used. I was so excited to pick up a few Sharpies and dump the whole lot in a trash bag. Getting rid of old stuff feels so good! I’m particular about office supplies. Pens and pencils are a big part of that. So we kept what I love and ditched the rest. When Chrissy showed me the organizer I was actually a little doubtful that I would love it. I should not have doubted her because it. is. perfection. Those little drawers are perfect for binder clips, stamps, and a few other odds and ends. The little bit of gold you can see are my scissor handles. Having a place to put those was important. They are massive don’t-let-the-kids-near-them scissors. What a relief to have a place for them! Sticky notes are basically my first love (don’t tell Matt), so they need to be front and center as well.

Label Maker  //  Supply Caddy  // Tape Dispenser, old, similar  here  and  here  //  Stapler

Label Maker // Supply Caddy // Tape Dispenser, old, similar here and here // Stapler

The kid zone is one of my favorites. I had so many random things that needed to be corralled. The kids actually have a few art cabinets in the kitchen, but some things belong with the parents. These boxes Chrissy found at Ikea are hands down my favorite. I need these throughout my house! The labels are little chalkboard labels with chalkboard pens. If I want to repurpose them I easily can! The container next to it used to hold all my pens and pencils. Now it holds index cards and dry erase markers. The kids love to draw on my miniature white board while I work. Having the markers on their shelf made perfect sense.

EMM Office_Kid Zone Shelf

Next is another supply shelf. Magazine holders contain file folders and notebook paper (my favorite for “throw away journaling”). A gray Container Store bin with a chalkboard label (also Container Store) holds all the other office supplies that did not go in the pen organizer. Think envelopes, labels, a new glass cell phone screen protector… I was surprised so few things ended up in the bin. Chrissy did that good of a job finding homes for everything. No more supply junk bin!

There is also a shelf for more personal things. The bin labeled “Rebecca” holds things like my sunglasses and my old computer glasses. It also has lipgloss/lipstick/lip stain. That might seem random, but it’s wonderful to have close by for touchups before all my Zoom sessions, live videos, etc.

The fabric and metal contraption next to the bin is the cell phone zone. When I am struggling to put my phone down OR it is designated family time (supper, movies, games, homework), cell phones are silenced and placed here. I have gotten extremely intentional about phone time.

Gray Bin: Container Store // Label Holder: Container Store // Cell Phone Holder: Unknown

Gray Bin: Container Store // Label Holder: Container Store // Cell Phone Holder: Unknown

The bottom two shelves are books, electronics, and camera stuff. The adorable bookends were all Chrissy. I LOVE them!

As a somewhat random aside, I want to give a shoutout to the office chandelier. It was one of the first things we bought and installed when we bought this house. Matt earned major brownie points because I told him he could probably get it installed during halftime of a Broncos game. Ummmm. All those gorgeous pieces of glass had to be singularly attached. We had to do it twice. Yeah. Almost three hours later…

Chandelier, old,  similar here

Chandelier, old, similar here

I also have an Alexa Dot in my office. The kids love to ask it questions and sometimes I do, too. Honestly, I don’t use it enough to warrant having it. I forget it’s there! That being said, it’s here for now. We also have one in the kitchen. That one gets used daily. It even helps with homework sometimes. I used this same holder in the kitchen and knew it needed to help streamline the office, too. There are no cords to trip over. I’m no longer trying to find a space that the cord will reach. At $10, I highly recommend it!

Alexa Dot  2nd Generation , 3rd Generation  here  //  Holder

Alexa Dot 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation here // Holder

Chrissy’s attention to detail was wonderful. I already had a rose gold business card holder and rose gold paper clips. She found a rose gold pen holder for those few pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters that I use regularly.

Miss Harper had a blast organizing the office, too. Finishing touches are apparently as important to her as they are to me.

Words cannot express how much I love this space now. Chrissy stayed within a small budget, drooled over things I already owned (always appreciated ;)), and made this space work in ways I just hadn’t been able to do myself. Jake came into my office the other day. While twirling in the chair he casually said, “I like this office better than your old one.” “You mean you like this better than before Chrissy helped me with it?” I asked, clarifying. Jake shook his head. “No. The old one. The one you worked at before having a business.”

You guys. That is a massive compliment. My old office was gorgeous. So maybe, just maybe, we’re doing something right here.

Chrissy and Create Your Space Colorado, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I cannot wait to come into this space each day and am a little sad to leave it.

Mission accomplished.

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