What If Someone Else's Projections Could Actually Serve You?


Projecting. We all do it sometimes. But what do we do when someone else projects and dumps all their own stuff all over us? Can we actually use it to help ourselves?

Short answer: YES!

When someone projects, we do not take on their stuff as our own. No. Absolutely do NOT own what was said. Those things are so much more about the other person.


When someone dumps a whole bunch of stuff on you, it could be a gift in disguise. Even if it is a really painful, obnoxious, WTF gift.

What deep rooted beliefs, fears, or thoughts might you have about yourself that are being reflected back to you? What about the projection hurts so much? What is subconsciously going on?

That’s what I talk about in last night’s live video. It was just me, my sweatshirt, a journal, and an “I need to share this” live stream. You can watch it here.

There is one final step that I did not share in my video that I want to share here. Whatever beliefs you identify and decide to accept/heal/release through additional journaling or tapping, fill that space with a new belief. Give yourself an affirmation or something that uplifts you and creates something more positive and true for yourself. This is a big way that we shift ourselves, our beliefs, and our realities.

It starts on the inside.