Toxic and/or Abusive Workplace?


Mamas, it's okay to set boundaries for yourself at work. In fact, it's important that you do. If your employer/workplace marks one or several of these, ask yourself if it's really worth your time, well-being, mental health, etc.

- employer routinely lies or tells half-truths

- employer routinely manipulates

- employer rarely fulfills promises made at hiring and/or during employment

- coworkers routinely "get away with" shady, immoral, and/or unethical behavior

- sexual harassment - enough said

- you find yourself seeking counseling or therapy to counteract the mental and emotional effects of your employer/workplace - double whammy if you know of at least one other coworker doing or considering the same

- if you have contemplated whether you could pursue legal action - once or on numerous occasions - especially if you are not the type to ever consider legal action as a solution

- a boss or co-worker has significant, HR-worthy offenses that you know have been taken to HR (perhaps you took them to HR)...yet the problems persist or intensify

- you feel targeted, have brought it to the attention of appropriate parties, yet it persists or intensifies

Tolerating toxic/abusive workplaces and overall treatment is unnecessarily punishing yourself and keeping you from doing your best work. You deserve better. This type of environment is NOT okay. Yes, they exist. No, you don't have to sacrifice yourself and family for them.

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P.S. You're probably not imagining it.

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