Total Transformation Over Here!


Have you ever felt so aligned to something that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are doing exactly what you should be doing? Do you ever reach a point where you are suddenly so clear on where you’re going that your past struggle to get it all together makes total sense?

That’s where I am with taking the corporate mama from surviving to thriving. You guys, the ideas are flowing so quickly that I can’t get them all written down. I recorded two podcast episodes yesterday afternoon for the upcoming Thriving Corporate Mamas Podcast. Please note, the current episode available is transferred from an old podcast. It will be removed once TCMP is officially launched with fresh content. Keep an eye out here, on IG, or the new podcast Facebook page for it’s official release.

I also started a Meetup group and scheduled a Meetup for Thriving Corporate Mamas. Our first Meetup is Sunday, October 21. It’s time to dig in and start creating change!

In editing my welcome email, I realized it has a free resource attached. You don’t want to miss it. All the experts seem to tell us we should have daily habits and routines. Many even tell us exactly what should be included. Um, excuse me? Do they realize we have so much going on that we often end up feeling worse about ourselves because we failed at implementing the routines? The EMM Daily Habits That Work For You workbook allows you to quickly decide exactly what you need and want to fit in each day. If you haven’t already, sign up for the mailing list here. If you have signed up and can’t seem to find the workbook, shoot me a quick email and I will get you the PDF.

I’m also on FB live every Wednesday with my friend Tasha Holtzinger.

Interested in keeping up with all the EMM events? Keep an eye on the events page. It’s all there for you.

As I mentioned before, the coaching page will undergo its own transformation so it speak directly to corporate mamas and the transformation you seek. You don’t have to wait for that, though. Are you ready for 1:1 help getting things in order? Hop on over, fill out the form, and let’s chat. I currently have two spaces open for new clients.

It feels a little bit like I’m forgetting to tell you something, but there is so much here already. Instead of throwing more links at you, I’ll write another update post when it comes to me. Deal? Deal.

So happy Monday! Get out there and be brave and bold with your life. Transformation is waiting for you to make a decision and commit.

Let’s do this, mamas.

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