Are You Living In Between Seasons?


On social media, I've mentioned that everything is or has a season. Success, struggle, status quo. They all come and go as we progress through life. When you leave a great season of your life behind (like a career) for a new, promising one, you will experience a time of transition. Some times that transition lasts longer than anticipated. Sometimes it's painful. Impatience reigns when we have needs that aren't being met or we aren't accomplishing what we dream of accomplishing.

You are in between seasons.

In the transition, you know what you left behind and where you're, hopefully. You can see it so clearly you can taste it.

So why isn't it happening yet?

Often the transition happens for a few reasons. The first is that we have to sow the seeds of opportunity and care for them until the harvest is ready. That doesn't necessarily happen overnight. Second, and perhaps the most frustrating, is our own personal growth.

When we leave one adventure behind to pursue another one, we aren't necessarily who we need to be to accomplish the dreams. Mindsets need to shift. Belief in self and the miraculous must be fed.

It might sound cliche, but read books. Listen to podcasts. Watch how you speak and think. Show up every single day even when you don't feel like it. Pay attention to those who appear to have made it through their in-between. In a few months, a year, two years you will look back and realize you have changed in the best of ways.  

It's easy to be scared and frustrated when we are in between seasons. In mine, there was anger, panic, and irritation with God. It felt like my entire life was falling apart in massive, terrifying chunks. It felt like being on the freaking Titanic. Why wasn't the vision He shared with me happening? Why wasn't anything growing?

Things were growing. I was growing. Who I was when I left my career behind me is not who I am today. Seeds were planted. I was working. There were some sprouts. There was no harvest yet, but that harvest couldn't happen without the season of growth. 

If you're in between (or in the gap), I hear you. I see you. I feel it with you. This portion of your life is a blessing. It might not feel like it, but it is crucial to getting you from point a to point b.

Wherever you are, take some time today to compare who you are now to who you were then. How have you shifted? Changed? Become better? What frustrations from the in-between are holding you back?

There is no shame in the in-between. It's necessary. It's beautiful. One day you will look back and see how it all fits together. Until then, keep showing up. Keep going. Keep developing and keep serving. It's all getting you where you need to go.

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