Dear Lovely Readers (aka Lovelies)


Dear Lovelies,

Thank you for always reading and supporting this space. Really, truly, seriously. With my whole heart.

Your messages after authentic, hard truth blog posts are a big part of what keeps me believing in the EMM vision and moving forward. Knowing this space makes a difference for even one person makes it worth it. Seeds are planted. Seeds are sprouting. EMM is growing!

I am humbled by the truths you share with me. You come to me with stories of hardship and struggle that you are ready to leave behind you. That is powerful!! Finding the strength to move forward and start envisioning a life that allows you to be who you’re meant to be is a huge step. Envisioning it is a crucial first step to creating it.

It has been quite a journey trying to figure out just what EMM should offer. I’ve removed that pressure because it really is quite simple. I offer you truth. Support. Love. As we grow, this space grows. As the work continues, the universe/God responds. Even with my vision, I’ve stepped back from control (it wasn’t working) and am allowing God to line up all the pieces and open all the doors. There was a time when that terrified me. Today I know it is right. This space and its vision came from a source so much bigger and more powerful than me. Instead of controlling it all, I finally accepted I must show up every day with my willingness to co-create. It’s a once terrifying prospect that is actually quite freeing.

What are you trying to control in your life? What are you squeezing the life out of by freaking out and micromanaging every facet of it? Give it room to breathe. Envision. Surrender. Know that the “how” is none of your business. Figure out the “what,” show up as if it’s already done, and let forces greater than you put all the right pieces into place.

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