An Update On Our Not-So-Little Family

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Hello, hello! How is everyone doing? We are well here. If you follow along on social media, you know we are expecting our third Moglett. We are SO EXCITED!! Harper talks about "baby" non-stop and even talks to my tummy each day. Jake is hoping for another baby sister. I’m still at odds with how much to share and how much not to share. On one hand, being transparent is important to me. I want you to know where I'm coming from and why you should take anything I say with more than a grain of salt. At the same time, my husband and I have worked very hard over the last few years to protect our family from toxic situations. It is a topic I am extremely passionate about and know will be part of my work in the future. Thank goodness for the professionals who gave us sound guidance and support along the way. The journey has been far from easy. We learned very early on that we had to tune out judgment, ridicule, and guidance from the masses that didn't understand. There were so many lies, misconceptions, and intentionally martyred stories that we didn't stand a chance. So we just kept walking. None of it was an easy feat. The pain and trauma still haunt us some days.

When debating what to post, it’s often a toss-up between, “Don’t worry about it. They are only getting third and fourth party information at this point anyway” and “…but I don’t know exactly when they are internet stalking me.” Then I chastise myself for giving it any thought at all and for still being fearful. Because mamas? We can’t let others control our lives – especially when they are no longer part of it. We cannot be silenced by it when there are important things to share and say. Nor can we allow ourselves to permanently sit in the space of victim. There is work to be done and people to help. 

Moving on. Our oldest started kindergarten last month. Just like every other kindergarten mama, I found myself asking, "HOW?!" His nervousness about kindergarten began all the way back in the late winter/early spring. We spent plenty of time listening to him, talking, and reassuring him. In the end, it all worked out. We happened upon one of his new classmates at the park the day before school started. Knowing he had a new friend walking into class on the first day made a big difference! Jake has been showing us just how much of an athlete he is these days. It is something we are happy to encourage. Being active is so important. After I've had this third child, I'm considering running with him - only if and when he's game, of course.

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Harper is every bit the sassy, independent two-year-old. She is fierce. Initially, she was upset about Jake starting school. Then she realized it meant unfettered access to some awesome toys, occasional coffee dates, and one-on-one time with Mom and Dad. We are looking forward to eventually getting our little creative soul into dance classes and gymnastics. This girl is always moving!

I celebrated my 31st birthday over the summer. It was a wonderful day! Because I was still working through morning sickness, we stuck close to home, window shopped, and generally enjoyed feeling joyful. Perfection.

It has been an interesting journey since leaving my job 18+ months ago. The personal growth has been mind-boggling. My family has benefitted immensely. Now we're getting the last few pieces together. A big change isn't always easy. It doesn't always go the way we think it will. You know what, though? It has been so very worth it. It has been one heck of a faith adventure. I do not pretend to understand exactly what God is doing or why this path has taken the turns it has, but I know it's for the greater good. He has not failed me yet and He will not fail going forward. Please remember that for yourselves. With faith, you can move through anything and know all will be well. All IS well.

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