It Started With Burnout



Good morning, lovelies! It's hard to believe I'm writing this from a coffee shop corner where I scored all the power outlets a girl could want, a piping hot Caramel Macchiato, and a whole lot of nostalgia.

Fifteen months ago life was completely different. I was a burned out, struggling, angry career mom who could not imagine continuing the daily grind while, at the same time, unable to imagine being free of it.

It was the resignation heard 'round all my social circles when seemingly out of the blue, I left a prestigious career that only the crazy leave. I was closing in on six figures (a month away from a raise!), had solid benefits, and what many in the corporate world would consider a "flexible" schedule.

But I knew the truth. I was flexing the heck out of my flexibility and still couldn't make it work. My husband was working 48-hour shifts as a paramedic captain. When he was gone, he was gone. When he was home, he was still locked into work emails and phone calls. After standing up to extremely toxic relationships, we found ourselves isolated without a support village. Sleep was hard to come by. Commuting an hour each way was getting old. My children were reeling from the instability of never knowing which parent they would wake up to - or when their dad was actually coming home and staying home. It was the instability of a fractured marriage within an actually pretty good one.

On the outside, we had a perfect life. Great careers. The dream home. Two cars. Two beautiful children. If anything, we were on the way to being our own version of a power couple. But I hated my job. There. I said it. It no longer served me. I also hated all the sacrifices I had to make for my husband to have his own career. If the kids were sick, I had to call into work to be home with them...even with my negative leave bank. Our children were getting the short end of the stick on every level. Everything was on the cusp of falling apart. Something had to give.

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Looking back, it's interesting to see how standing up to toxic (and even abusive) relationships started massive change within our lives. When we stood up, it's like God saw we were serious about affecting change and living the lives He means for us to live. Suddenly He gave me express permission to submit my resignation. He led me to resource after resource to build myself and eventually create a business that helps burned out, frustrated career moms like "old me" take control of their lives, too.

In the moment I decided I was worthy of so much more than toxic, abusive relationships; a job I hated; and an absent husband, everything began to shift. Today I look around this coffee shop and am at peace. I'm full of joy, faith, and expectation of the future. All the upheaval we created in an almost reckless fashion (a method I don't necessarily recommend to my clients) was exactly what was supposed to happen. It's what led me here: empowering moms, spending plenty of quality time with my kids, never missing a game or school event, and building a business that fully embraces my gifts and talents.

Pinch me, because this is the complete opposite of what I was always told I could have. Career moms are supposed to sacrifice everything to make their way to the top. According to society, anyway. We stay glued to our work email even when we're off the clock because we're terrified of missing something. When our kids are sick and we're on leave, we are still plugged in. We can't afford to let motherhood stand in the way of our sometimes judged ambition. If we're rocking it at work, home falls apart. If home is wonderful, work is a mess. What is this thing they call balance?

BS. I call BS. It's time to flip the script. Mamas, if you're burned out and wishing for a reality that embraces your ambition, womanhood, and motherhood, I've been there. I hear you. I didn't think it was possible either. Yet here I am. After discovering my self-worth and accepting that I really, truly am loved wholly and completely, things changed. Things shifted. Reality became a pretty darned wonderful place. My dreams are coming true.

What are your dreams? What do you want your life to look like? Because you can create it. You are worthy and you are loved. As women, we struggle with that. Deep down, we've trained ourselves to believe otherwise. It doesn't have to be that way. If you're ready to flip the script, find your worth, and create a life that gives you joy, peace, and fulfillment, I'm here.

I've opened five 1:1 spots for you mamas who are ready. The moms who get it done and want a supportive, understanding kick in the pants along the way. Let's build your feelings of self-worth, identify the dream, and get it moving. You deserve this. It's time.

After all, I'm just a hard-working career mom who said "no" to the status quo. Because life is short. Dreams are big. I've got things to do.

And so do you.

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