Where You Are On The Corporate Ladder Doesn't Matter

Yesterday I told you I was going to fill you in on my expertise, background, and all those reasons why you should see me as an expert and teacher.

No one, not even me, wants to read a resume blog post. No one wants to only hear about me. They want takeaways. Things they can apply for themselves. Sooooo...I've got an entirely new, free video series for you. Just as I promised earlier today. You'll hear plenty about me, my career, and the lessons gleaned from it just for you during that time. I'll even give a bit of background on why I've held every detail close to my chest and why I'll keep my career information somewhat generic.

In the first video, we're digging into why where you are (or aren't) on the corporate ladder doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Confidence is everything. Recognizing our worth is where the power is. I routinely sat at the table with, interviewed, corresponded with, presented for (the list goes on) people at all levels of the game. I am not intimidated by pay status or job titles. You shouldn't be intimidated, either. Grab your beverage of choice, get comfortable, and tune in for more. Let's take a step towards a more confident, empowered future.

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Rebecca Mogg

After almost eight years as a well-paid, white collar career woman; my family's principal breadwinner (by a long shot); two babies; postpartum depression combined with emotional abuse; a loving, supportive husband who was always working his demanding job both on site and at home; and only one real vacation (leave was hoarded for family commitments and maternity leave), I was DONE. I was tired of being told I could have it all and, in the same breath, that I could not. I was at a crossroads: continue careening down a path that would surely destroy me and even end my marriage OR make changes that gave me time freedom, work/life balance, a happier family, and a happier ME.

I chose CHANGE. I walked away from that demanding, soul crushing arena to embrace my true self and create the life of my dreams. I left so I could travel when I CHOSE to travel, not when someone demanded it. I walked away from other people dictating when I could be a mother so I could decide that for my family. I chose to be a business woman on my own terms. At the end of the day, I walked away to empower not only myself, but women everywhere.

My main business is coaching others in weight loss, healthy aging, wealth creation, and performance. This lifestyle site is my way of sharing my God-led journey in hopes of inspiring, motivating, emboldening, and empowering each of you. 

So here I am: sharing my truth and relationship with the divine through my family and everyday life. I'm here to share love. It's a bold move in an age where talking about God is almost taboo. The last thing I want to do is isolate anyone. But He has called me to this and I have learned to do as He tells me to do! Most days anyway. I am, after all, incredibly human. Ha!