2017 Mom Boss Gift Guide

2017 Mom Boss Gift Guide www.empoweringmodernmom.com

It's here! Our very first EMM Mom Boss Gift Guide has arrived! Are you unsure of what to put in your mom boss' stocking or under the tree this year? Look no further. I have you covered! 



A portable, rechargeable ring light. Social media is a big part of most online businesses these days. That means high-quality, or at least not terrible, photos are a must. Good lighting is a huge part of it! You don't need anything big and fancy. I keep this one in my purse so good lighting is always at my fingertips for photo and video. It has four different brightness settings and can plug into your computer or an outlet to charge. No batteries? Yes, please!! 



We need power. Between photos, videos, emails, projects, social media, and children stealing our phones, we need extra power! This puppy can charge multiple devices at once. Anytime I travel or know I'll be away from my house and car for a long period of time, this goes in my bag. My husband tries to steal it, so I tend to hide it.




Our offices say a lot about us. They should reflect who we are both for our own happiness and to authentically present ourselves to our clients. This side table is, hands down, my favorite piece of office furniture for the last 18 months. It has held up well with my little ones and adds a touch of class. Personally, I love a moderate taste of chrome and glass. You can see photos of it in my workspace here and here.




Shoes! A great pair of budget-friendly pumps goes a long way. I have them in nude. They pair well with pretty much anything! I'm really eying these gold glitter ones, though, Husband...hint hint. If you're feeling extra loving or are looking for bonus points, you could spoil her with them now. They are perfect for the holiday season!




Breakfast on the go. Every day. Sometimes even lunch. That's how this mom boss rolls. I'm pretty much in love with the magic bullet and have been for the last few years. My protein shake is done in less than two minutes each day, it's easy to put away the base, and its just as easy to put the other pieces in the dishwasher. I love that the blade is one piece. You don't have to take it apart, put it together, or make sure pieces don't disappear between uses. Simple is better in mom life! Bonus is that I'm full through kindergarten drop off, checking into business, and running any meetings first thing in the morning.



Many of us boss mamas travel. A solid suitcase that wears well is crucial! I love my London Fog 360 collection. It has served me well over the last three years. It comes in various sizes. I personally own the 24-inch, 28-inch, and satchel in red. The red doesn't seem to be available anymore, but fortunately, this great line lives on in different options! 




Keeping my children's medical visits in one place is important to me. I have maintained a medical notebook for each child since our first child's birth. There are times where I prefer to flip through a few pages rather than hunt through medical records or call the doctor. Admittedly, not every visit is documented now that we have two children. All the big things are there, though. This remains one of my favorite mom tools and baby shower gifts. 



My hair stylist in college got me hooked on Bumble and Bumble's Brilliantine. At that point, it helped smooth the Midwestern humidity frizz. Now it helps with the Colorado dry air frizz. Because it does such a great, non-greasy job of finishing any style, I still don't travel or do my hair without Brilliantine!




While we're on the subject of hair, Chi's 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray is also a fave. It smells great and protects my hair from heat damage whenever I straighten or curl it. Having scorched part of my hair with a straightener once, I don't mess around with heat! 




Cooking and baking for my family remain on my to-do list. We all have to eat! This stainless, neutral beauty was a birthday gift a few years ago and remains one of my favorite kitchen staples. My husband and I both use it. The kids get a kick out of watching it whir and stir. It's a win!



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