Exuding Confidence Through Style

There's something about a full a-line skirt and red lip that screams "empowered" for me. The same goes for a classic little black dress (LBD) or dark wash jeans with a blazer and stilettos. Those are my go-to looks. I say "for me" instead of "to me" because these are MY empowered staples. 

To some this seems silly. How does what we wear matter? Get with the times, Becca. It's 2017 and I can wear whatever the heck I want to wear! More or less, yes. That is true. 


The idea of caring about your appearance has less to do with fitting a mold and more to do with how you feel. Like it or not, how we feel projects outward. What we project affects how we are perceived. So what makes you feel good? What makes you feel confident and empowered? What fits your mission in life?

Does that overwhelm you? It's okay if it does. For a long time it overwhelmed me, too. I knew what I loved. Deep down I knew what fit my personality. Yet I hadn't quite found my place in this world. Those things I loved were out of place where I was. For me, forming my style went along with a change of scenery because my soul was out of alignment with everything else. That is for another post, though.

A part of me is a throwback to another era. I love poofy a-line skirts and elegant ball gowns. I love a gorgeous stiletto and red lip. Classic, elegant lines are a must and tend to compliment my body better than anything else. Admittedly, finding the confidence to sport a red lip took some time. 


For Christmas Eve I went all out. I was admittedly over dressed for our more casual church, but I did not care. First, it's better to err on the side of caution and overdress. Second, when what you wear exudes the right kind of confidence, you'll pull it off every time.

A small piece of empowerment can come from our wardrobe. The clothes don't have to be fancy or expensive. To over simplify, they just need to make you feel good.

This week I have one small assignment for you. Go into your closet and look at all your clothes. Find one thing that you love because it makes you feel incredible. What is it about that item that makes you feel that way? Is it something you can build on? THEN find one item that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe you are always trying to tug it back into place or you "need" to lose a few more pounds for it to fit right. Maybe the color isn't right. Whatever the reason, find it. Hold it. Then let it go. Donate it to someone who can love it. Then let me know in the comments below that you did it! 


Happy Empowering,