Hello, Career Mamas!

For years I dreaded getting out of bed to work each morning. Whether I was currently managed by a micromanager who was always out to get someone, staring at spreadsheet after spreadsheet of numbers that bored me out of my mind, trying to guess what details my current manager wanted in my write-ups, complaining to some poor coworker, or allowing myself to participate in gossip that really needed to be shut down...well, I was pretty miserable. It was the right place for some people, but I was a square peg in a round hole. My husband began to dread Sunday nights as much as I did because I had changed so much. Monday ruined Sunday for us all because I was too scared to leave my high paying, secure career. I thought that because I had gotten so lucky all those years before that I didn't have options. I stayed stuck because I thought there was no other choice.


Do you:

  • feel stuck, trapped, miserable, or pigeonholed in your job

  • have had jobs (maybe several) but never a legitimate career

  • like your career is stagnant

  • are looking to get back into the workforce after a gap

  • flat out need to find a job

  • want to get yourself prepped for a season of job hunting

There is a wave of hiring in the new year. That makes now the perfect time to build your confidence and get your ducks in a row. January and February are large hiring months. The sooner you get started, the better your chances of getting hired. Don't wait until the last minute to throw together a mediocre portfolio for yourself. I'm ready and excited to help you craft your resume, cover letter(s), build your confidence, and share one of my secret tools (the brag file) so you're unstoppable!


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What qualifies me to teach you these things?

Crafting resumes and cover letters has always come easily to me. I've been on both sides of the job interview table. Generally and confidently speaking, I'm a talented, knowledgeable bad a$$ when it comes to careers. I'm quick and skilled at reading a room, people, and situations. People love going to coffee with me because of the insights I can provide into their lives. Assessing management and telling you who or what is a mess is a honed skill. For almost a decade I looked at developing/developed programs and identified shortcomings and gaps. I found problems and made sure they got fixed. It was a team environment that harnessed individual and group work. I’m well-rounded, intelligent, and don’t take anyone’s nonsense. I’ve interviewed tons of people on all rungs of the professional ladder for detailed information, resources, and to scope out things that aren't...shall we say above board? Let's not forget the up-and-comers I mentored in that career.

There is so much depth within my skills and talents. All of this comes together to serve you.

Take advantage of my gifts and experience. Whether you don't know how to put together an efficient and effective resume or you want it reviewed, I can help you. Don't know why you need a cover letter? Hate writing them? Don't feel qualified or good enough or like you have anything to brag about in an interview? It's time to build you up and change the story. 


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I wanted to make this bundle accessible to everyone who needs it. That's why it's priced so low. The career bundle will never be offered at this amazing price again. The resume review alone is valued at $97!

If interviewing itself scares you and you want practice, sign up for the add-on mock interview option with me and my husband, Matthew. I still remember my mock interview a few months before college graduation. Thank goodness I had a safe place to be a nervous wreck! After two official interviews, I landed an incredible full-time job. I was 21-years-old. My career took off from there. Matthew was in charge of hiring and staffing for over three years as a paramedic captain. He is experienced at receiving/reviewing resumes and applications, conducting interviews, and discussing/deciding who to hire. He knows what sets applicants apart. 

As women, we sell ourselves short way too often. When we feel stuck it's usually because we've decided we're stuck. Work doesn't have to suck. It can be more than paying the bills. We don't have to stay in positions where we are miserable, undervalued, not allowed to grow, not challenged, or even forgotten.

This is your chance to step up and take control of an important aspect of your life. 

If you're ready for career change and want to be prepared to set yourself apart, sign up for the EMM Career Bundle below. 

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