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Rebecca Mogg is the Empowering Modern Mom, using her life and career experience to help struggling moms become their own version of an empowered modern mom. She earned a BA in Business Administration with a management emphasis in 2008. After graduating Rebecca began an eight year career with a Federal Inspector General. It was a rewarding and educational career; however, she was unfulfilled and struggling as a high-performing career mom. She was surrounded by other struggling moms. Rebecca realized someone needed to start helping them. Now she coaches corporate moms who are ready to go from surviving to thriving. One mom at a time, Empowering Modern Mom strives to change corporate culture for women.

The empowered modern mom is whatever and whomever you decide she is for you. Who are you? Who do you want to become? I'm not here to tell you who to be. Although I am here to help you get there. We are each wonderfully different with unique purposes. I show up boldly and authentically to embolden you to be brave with your own life. EMM provides tricks, tips, mindset, tools, and lots of other things to help you down your life path. 

You get to define yourself. It is important for you to be yourself. What is one thing you can do today to show up boldly as you? I challenge you to take the leap and do whatever that is.

bravery + blessings,

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