The empowered modern mom is whatever and whomever you decide she is for you. Who are you? Who do you want to become? I'm not here to tell you who to be. Although I am here to help you get there. We are each wonderfully different with unique purposes. I show up boldly and authentically to embolden you to be brave with your own life. EMM provides tricks, tips, mindset, tools, and lots of other things to help you down your life path. 

You get to define yourself. It is important for you to be yourself. What is one thing you can do today to show up boldly as you? I challenge you to take the leap and do whatever that is.

bravery + blessings,


About EMM Rebecca Mogg

Rebecca Mogg is the Empowering Modern Mom, using her life and career experience to help struggling moms and women become their own version of an empowered modern mom.

Rebecca’s entrepreneurial career began as a babysitter at age 12. At 17 she worked after school as a secretary for a learning differences testing center. Immediately after graduating high school, still aged 17, she spent every summer and college holiday at a paper company honing her skills in both R&D and environmental compliance. After graduating in 2008 with a BA in Business Administration with a management emphasis, Rebecca spent almost eight years as an analyst for a Federal Inspector General. She frequently traveled, met with people of all ranks, analyzed programs and program management, honed her writing skills, and mentored new hires. She had a birdseye view to program development, function, and the management/employee relationship. Rebecca saw behind the curtain of management and corporate/governmental culture. The skills she developed are vast and her unique experiences are many. This career path lent a strong hand to her natural ability to know and tell people what they need to hear even when they don’t want to hear it.

Rebecca birthed her first two children during her career with the IG. She found herself frustrated by the reality of being a working mom. She watched the other moms around her struggle as much, and sometimes more, than she did. Her husband was a paramedic captain at the time and could not easily take time off work for sick kids and other events. Rebecca was burning out as she filled the roles of principal breadwinner, high-level traveling career mom with a negative leave bank, wife, housekeeper, bill payer,  and part-time dad.

She decided there had to be a better way and set out to discover it for herself and other struggling moms. What she embarked on was a powerful personal journey of self-discovery, mindset work, and personal empowerment. Those shifts and changes brought her here, leading the empowered modern mom into a life she loves and deserves. When she left her well-paid, high-level career, Rebecca promised God she would find a way to help her fellow corporate mamas thrive.

All-in-all, Rebecca is just a hard-working career mom who said "no" to the status quo. Because life is short. Dreams are big. She has things to do.

And so do you.