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Life is short. Dreams are big. I've got things to do...and so do you.

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To all of you working outside the home, running businesses, and being mama to your little ones: you need to know how amazing you are.

Seriously. All moms, whether rocking a career or not, need to know they are incredible for everything they do. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. We all want what's best for our children and do whatever we can to make it happen. My heart, though, holds a special place for the "9-5" grind, commuting, traveling, teleconferencing, stiletto-wearing bosses. Because that was me. I know your day intimately. Pumping at work? Yeah. I know the discomfort, awkwardness, and necessity. Quietly giving your child formula while secretly praying an angry mob won't lambaste you for not loving your child enough to exclusively breastfeed? Fearing judgment for a milk supply that's dying due to work/life stress? Uh huh. Been there, too.

This morning as you climb out of bed, perhaps surrounded by the paperwork you were trying to complete when you passed out, know that I wish I could hit "snooze" for you one more time. As you debate whether you have the time and energy to do your hair or throw it in a haphazard bun, know that most mornings I do the same. If you're surrounded by a pile of discarded pencil skirts and are sobbing over the dress trousers that still won't fit over your post-baby hips, take a deep breath. Find the loosest A-line dress you can, accessorize it at will, and finish the look with the brightest red lipstick you own. Because you are FIERCE. Give yourself permission to be confident!

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